If The Stadium Or Artist Issues Your Tickets Then You Can't View the Tickets in the Ticketmaster App

Here is what you should do . . . 

Why I can't view tickets on my Ticketmaster app? 

If the stadium or artist issues you the tickets then you cannot view the tickets in the Ticketmaster app.  You will not be able to view the tickets in your Ticketmaster app.  

How to add tickets to your phone wallet? 

You have to add the tickets to your phone wallet through an email.  Click on the email and sign in to your Ticketmaster email using a browser. You can then add the tickets to your phone wallet.  After you do this you will still not be able to see the tickets in your Ticketmaster account or app. 

What is the issue with Ticketmaster and SoFi Stadium? 

Apparently, SoFi Stadium and other stadiums have their own ticketing protocols and you have to go through them if the ticket was issued by the artist or the stadium.  

Why Doesn't Ticketmaster Provide Any Support?

This is a major ticket transfer issue that needs to be supported online with better information. It took us almost 24 hours to figure this out.   Hopefully, someone will read this and correct the problems. 

Is Ticketmaster A Thrid-Party? 

Please comment below if you have had similar issues. 

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